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A coastal or inland Oregon hang gliding lesson experience feels like a week's vacation, yet at a fraction of the cost! Almost anyone can get a supervised and assisted fun experience hang gliding as your instructor runs along side of you providing directions and corrections. The only requirement is an ability to run a short distance. Kids, seniors and even pets have gone hang gliding! A first lesson is safer than driving or a game of soccer. If you can move your own body weight in a jog-run and are willing to commit the day, make your trip to the Oregon coast memorable and meaningful. Call 541 913 1339 and pay below

Bring the whole family healthy fun on the coast. Children Summer Hang Gliding Camps with professionally guided horse back riding, kayaking, surfing, hiking every year. Register your kids (and yourself!) today.

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Look no further for hang gliding instruction in the Pacific Northwest. We are the only actively teaching school in the whole region including all the major cities of Portland, Beaverton, Eugene, and Medford. But we also have a passion to make your dreams come true. Our purpose, focus and meaning is to make you successful if you are willing to follow the program. Of course, the ability to fly thousands of feet above our regulated mountain launch sites and fly hundreds of miles is well worth the time, expense and effort of learning.

Becoming a self reliant and independent hang glider pilot is an altogether different goal than a one time first experience. As challenges escalate your skill level must rise with the challenges. As skills improve we custom fit you with the best and safest Wills Wing gliders, High Energy Sports harnesses and parachutes, Flytec variometers, and Yaseu Vertex Radios. Hang Gliding is challenging and requires discipline but we are with you every step of the way. It is much like beginning canoeing versus "class four" kayaking - the incremental training, equipment, and experiences all are integral to your success. Our expert USHPA certified instructors make sure that proficiencies match nature's challenges. Eventually, you earn the "hang II rating" required by the government and by our professional association.

Successful training requires approximately 100 ground skimming and mid-level (from 50-100 feet) flights to attain the necessary motor skill proficiency as defined by the Hang II rating set forth by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. This works out to approximately 10 flights per lesson day. A lesson is defined by 7-12 flights since repetition is what matters to skill development. At this point, a student is akin to a new driver on a busy highway - - there is basic skill but limited judgment regarding very complex high altitude situations. Thus, lessons 11-14 teaches the strategic and judgment skills required for safe and practical recreational hang gliding. That is the minimum skill for a new pilot to be accepted for continuing mentorship by the community of experienced and avid pilots.