Demo Ground School

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Notes to Instructor:

The following instructional modules augment the textbook your students are using with interactive animations, videos, and task analysis for all the basic hang gliding competencies. There are no set recipes in hang gliding technique once a few given physical and technical requirements are met. This is the reason why so many technique preferences work for different pilots. However, a recipe, by definition, is a prescribed unchanging set of prescriptions. There are many circumstances when a given set of techniques are not the most effective. For instance, relaxed hands are appropriate in some situations but not in others. I am sure you can identify those moments in your history. The goal of these modules is to first develop some basic competencies, but then lead the student to understanding when other, more special techniques or even seemingly contradictory, are more appropriate in situations. Understanding the physics of the situation is paramount. But getting the student to appreciate the need for physicality, effort, determination and faith needed is even more important. Hang gliding is not easy, otherwise thousands more people would be doing it. However, we know that effort is rewarded with astounding experiences.

Please feel free to contact the author of these modules to help clarify and resolve student questions regarding his real and virtual experiences in hang gliding instruction. Together, we can raise the bar of entry level skill in the entire sport, making it more likely that students will stick with it and become life-long pilots.