Flytec Variometers

Flytec USA is the exclusive North American distributor of Flytec Instruments and we have been providing the best flying instruments in the world with the best service in the world for over 14 years. Our customer service, technical support, and Next Day Turnaround repair is legendary in sport aviation. Flytec instruments are number 1 in the US, they have been used for more word records than any other instrument, they are the choice all of the current US national champions, many world champions, NASA, aerospace contractors and parachute designers and the Brietling Orbiter III. We are confident that when you consider all of the features, benefits and service you will choose Flytec too.

Element Speed

Whether you are just starting out as a pilot, or an experienced pilot that prefers leisurely local flights, the Element Speed is the right instrument for you. To fly safely and relaxed, it is important to understand the state of the air around you. Of course climb and descent rate information is crucial but just as important is your speed over ground, glide ratio and the wind velocity. The Element Speed gives you this information precisely and at a glance
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The Element Track

Formerly known as the Element is identical in every way to the Element except for the printing on the housing. The name was changed to allow for additional models in the Element series. The Element Track is perfect blend of functionality, size, weight, ruggedness, battery life and user-friendiness. The Element Track is truly the best all-around instrument for hang gliding and paragliding pilots that want to fly higher, further, safer and faster or simply just want to get more out of their flights.
  • Altitude and Climb/Sink indication in unsurpassed Flytec quality
  • Ground speed and current glide ratio
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Distance and direction to launch
  • Distance and direction to the last thermal
  • Vario profiles
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Connect 1

The new Connect 1 flight instrument is designed for pilots that want the most advanced technology coupled with Flytec's 30+ years of flight instrument expertise. Similar to smart phones, the Connect 1 is the first smart-instrument featuring a touch screen, a multitude of flight sensors, and a range of connectivity options. The Connect is perfectly suited for pilots ready to set new personal bests or take the next step in their competition flying. The Connect expands the classic flight instrument with an emphasis on connectivity, pilots can easily exchange data with their Connect without a computer and soon will be able to easily share data with other devices.

  • Altitude and climb/sink indication in unsurpassed Flytec quality
  • Smart software updates notify when a software update is available and updates instrument without a computer
  • High contrast LCD optimized for readability in direct sunlight
  • Glove friendly touch-screenand primary function buttons
  • Virtually unlimited flight recording, waypoints and airspace definitions
  • Competition route
  • Optimized route
  • Customizable user pages pages
  • Graphic airspace display provides navigation around restricted airspace on cross-country flights
  • Easy connection to computers (Mac, PC, Android, Linux, etc.) without any drivers
  • WiFi connection allow for upload and download of files directly from the instrument
  • New functionality added monthly
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Flytec 6040

The 6040 is the flagship of ballooning instruments. Combining state-of-the-art sensor and processor technology with a highly advanced and responsive GPS enables a wide range of advanced flight and navigation functions. Flights are automatically recorded and can be easily downloaded to a personal computer using included FlyChart or 3rd party software and can be viewed in Google Earth. The 6040 features a moving map, the ability to load restricted airspace and a wind layer chart to aid in flight navigation. The SD card slot allows virtually limitless storage of flights and waypoints. Use the simulation mode to help you learn how to use the instrument on the ground perfect for those blown out days. The 6040 is compatible with our wireless TT34 remote pyrometer increasing convenience and flight safety.

  • Integrated high sensitivity, 20 channel GPS
  • Highly responsive vario with intelligent filtering
  • Built-in receiver for wireless envelope temperature (optional TT34 required)
  • User customizable audio and flight functions
  • User-friendly keypad and menu
  • Wind layer chart
  • Moving map
  • Automatic flight recording with virtually unlimited flight storage on SD card
  • 200 waypoints and 20 Routes
  • Simulation mode
  • Restricted airspace warning, map and airspace details
  • Sleek, compact and rugged housing
  • Primary and back-up rechargeable batteries >30 hours battery life
  • USB port and SD card for transferring flights, waypoints and airspace files
  • Superb RF shielding
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The Sonic is a very small audio-only variometer which is ideal for dune soaring, tandem flights, the minimalists pilot who prefers the least amount of technology or as a back-up acoustic vario to supplement a pilots primary instrument. It is designed to be attached to the pilot's helmet with Velcro so it is not necessary to remember to bring it with you, however, if used as a backup, it is small enough to tuck away in a harness pocket. Dual mode provides ascent and descent tone or ascent audio only. With battery life of >200 hours, battery changes are in frequent..

  • Acoustic Scale Indication (ASI)
  • Adjustable sink tone actuation (housing must be opened)
  • Adjustable audio volume (housing must be opened)
  • More than 200 hours battery capacity
  • Environment friendly Lithium battery
  • Dimensions: approx. 89 x 37 x 19 mm weight: only approx. 40 g
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