Hang Gliding Helmets
 Wills Wing
The Insider has a very comfortable, semi-streamlined shape with excellent peripheral vision and will accommodate glasses or goggles. Ours have a cleanly installed radio headset and finger switch if you so desire. The Insider helmet is tested and certified to CEN Standard EN 966, which is a European testing standard specifically designed for helmets used for sport aviation. This standard includes tests for shock absorption, penetration resistance, and specifications for visibility and head mobility.
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Color and Radio Headset
Blue, Burgundy, Black, Silver
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The helmet uses a highly effective shock absorbent foam to achieve the European Standard EN966 - Hang Gliding and Paragliding Helmet Certification - with extraordinarily light weight and minimal size. The helmet features a removable chin guard, which is designed to protect the pilot when towing from the danger of injury from the tow line resulting from a release under high tension and subsequent recoil of the tow line and release.
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Color and Radio Headset
white, black, red
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