Hang Gliding Wheels
 Wills Wing
Slipstream/Litestream Basetube Wheels Wills Wing now offers a wheel kit designed for use with our faired aluminium basetube. The kit consists of a pair of UHMW wheels, mounting brackets, and required hardware. The brackets fit over the faired aluminium basetube and are secured in place using the bolts which attach the basetube to the corner brackets. The wheels mount on small axles at the ends of the brackets. These wheels offer minimal added drag and weight, preserving the advantages of the Slipstream or Litestream Control Bars.
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 Hall and Finsterwalder Wheels

The Finsterwalder wheels are pneumatic wheels of larger diameter. The 8 inch diameter Finster Wheel is 2 inches wide, and the 10 inch diameter Finster Wheel is 3 1/4 inches wide. Either wheel offers increased protection in a wheel landing situation, and the wider 10 inch diameter wheel is great for use in training situations, or for pilots who prefer to land on the wheels on a regular basis. The Finster wheels slide easily onto the basetube and rotate on the basetube. They are each available with either the standard 1 1/8 inch inside diameter bushing for the most common basetube size, or with a 1 1/4 inch inside diameter bushing which fits the Falcon Tandem basetube.

Wheel Diameter
Base Tube Diameter

The Hall Wheel is a 5 inch diameter, 2 inch wide molded plastic wheel, and comes with a 3 piece hub and mounting screws. Itís a good all purpose wheel for any pilot skill level. It will mount outside the control bar corner using the wheel compatible corner brackets and the 3.5 inch axle.

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