High Energy Harnesses

In 1983 the USA World Team flew with High Energy Sports harnesses. Remarkably team members chose to purchase these harnesses as opposed to flying other harnesses "donated" to team members. Through the years such innovations as the "Higgens Hinge" ( a 3-sided velcro flap in the front of the cocoon used for male "relief" on long flights), Universal back pack (The harness turns into itself to form its own gear bag), parachute safety lock system (to avoid accidental deployments), easy entry side zip harnesses have been a bench mark of High Energy Sports - Notice prices have recently gone up on parachutes which will be reflected in the ordering forms soon (Sept 22, 2010)

This is our most popular harness built with safety, sit-up-ability and comfort in mind.
  • Continuous Webbing Structure
  • Adjustable Padded Leg Straps
  • Parachute Container
  • Glove Box
  • Easy access slot
  • Emergency storage slot
  • Padded Shoulders
  • Easy to rotate suspension
  • Skid plate toe protector
  • Full length internal storage compartment
  • Easy Entry Side Zip
  • Hidden Bungee retractor channel
  • Aero tow loops
  • Steel carabiner and pulley
  • Adjustable boot length
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This long time favorite has been re-discovered by many pilots who like the open air design.
  • Continuous webbing
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Parachute container
  • Glove box
  • Easy Access slot
  • Emergency storage slot
  • Reinforced boot
  • Universal Back Pack option
  • 6000 pound mains
  • Parachute bridle Velcro guides
  • Back strap
  • Extra loops
  • Lower back support line attachments
  • Aero tow loops
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Designed by Jim Reynolds, this "trainer harness can accommodate pilots from 5 to 62" tall.
  • This keeps the resale value high
  • Continuous webbing
  • Adjustable Padded leg straps
  • Adjustable shoulder/torso length
  • Velcro on knee supports
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