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If you are wondering what option to choose for a Gift Certificate it is a simple Introductory Full Day Lesson. It is good for six months, on a date of their choosing - when recipients fill out the registration form and pay in paypal. It includes:

  • 10:00 am Comprehensive entertaining ground school that teaches kids and adults valuable life-long lessons in how to learn anything
  • 11:30 am Work in an electronic simulator and analog simulator
  • 12:30 am Break for lunch
  • 1:00 am Learning how assemble, to enter and exit and transfer control and ground handle the glider (like a big kite)
  • 1:30 am Finally hooking into the hang glider and lifing off the ground five or six feet while the instructor runs along aside keeping the kids, ladies, grandparents safe.
  • 3:00 am The option exists, if the lesson happens between June and August on the Oregon coast to then extend the lesson into a couple small tandems where we fly higher multiple times.
  • Group Discounts - Simply indicate how many people are involved in an email and I will either charge $130 per person or charge $100 per person for a group of four or more.
By paying in paypal you get put into the official google calendar that reminds you and me of our upcoming lesson. It helps immensely to be somewhat flexible. That is be prepared to change the lesson date if the weather does not cooperate. There is much labor (and lost other opportunities for the business and refusal of other lesson requests!) in always considering your reservation. So, make sure you cancel the lesson one month before the date not to pay cancellation fees.

If you need to send a deposit or make a payment make the check out to: "oregon hang gliding school" and send to: Oregon Hang Gliding 922 Circle Blvd Suite 160 PMB 273 Corvallis OR 97330


Please ask us about anything.

By pressing Submit, you will be in communication with OHGS by email, phone and appointments to facilitate your order. When all your quesions are answered regarding options, shipping times, refund policies, you may place a deposit by check or our convienent online payment and deposit system. (see our refund and business policy)

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