How to Purchase a Hang Glider

Glider Database for the Hang II There are a restricted number of choices of gliders for a new hang II student. The list below summarizes your choices. These lists are arranged in order of age and performance. Newer gliders usually are lighter, stronger, and better handling. I strongly recommend not to purchase any glider manufactured before 1990 and definitely not before 1980. These gliders, although airworthy, can frustate your progress and cause you to develop muscles you thought didn't have. The difference in ease of training and learning can be dramatic from antique gliders versus the modern designs. If you are purchasing a double surface glider as an upgrade from your single surface, you must knock down your rating by 1/2. All price estimates assume less than 100 hours of sun damage, no significant corrosion and intact aluminium tubing. A mint condition post 1990 glider, with parts and service available glider retains higher value for obivious reasons - it helps you gain the skills you need to progress with hindering your efforts. Get instruction!

Wills Wing
Year manufacturedSize (sq ft)Weight range (lbs)DescriptionCost
Spectrum1991-1995 144 165Double surface. Handling is stiff and flare envelope smaller. Make sure your landing skills are solid! $500-$1200
Falcon 11995-2002140 170 195 225120-190 140-220 150-250 185-300 Single Surface. Light weight, statically balanced, good performance The start of the best all around trainer and beginner glider. $1000-$1500
Falcon 22002-140 170 195 225120-190 140-220 150-250 185-300 Single Surface. Stall speed is reduced as much as 2 mph on each size. Stall character is more gradual $1500-$2000
Falcon 32005-140 170 195 225120-190 140-220 150-250 185-300 One of the best single surface beginner gliders. Stall speed is reduced as much as 3 mph on each size. This model can be disassembled to a 6 foot length for overseas luggage and freight shipping. Stall character is more gradual. This glider forgives the more typical launching and landing mistakes that many newbie pilots make. $1900-Retail
Eagle1998-2005145 164 180125-200 150-250 175-275Double surface. For pilots with solid, basic skills, the Eagle has better penetration than the Falcon and has double surface landing characteristics, including ground effect and more flare timing. Great transition glider to the Sport 2 or U2. No longer manufactured but parts and service are available from your Wills Wing dealer. Great for beginners that have a longish glide at their local site. Handling is not as crisp as the Falcon given its double surface but a good solid glider nontheless. Make sure your landings are solid! $1500-$2000

Year manufacturedSizeWeight rangeDescriptionCost
Sonic165 190120-220 160-24060% double surface flex wing with optional VG. Typical Moyes heavy duty cables and solid feeling$1500-Retail
VenturaSingle Surface. Aimed at those pilots entering the sport of hang gliding$1300-$2000
Malibu166 188150 187Single surface flex wing with curved tips. Typical Moyes heavy duty cables and solid Moyes feeling. The new Moyes Malibu offers an airframe built from 7075 aluminium tube, covered with a 4oz dacron sail. The sail is shaped and supported by 15 battens made from 7075 aluminium as well as a unique leading edge insert manufactured from Mylar and foam. $1500-$Retail

Pacific Airwave
Year manufacturedSizeWeight rangeDescriptionCost
Mark IV1988-1992170, 190First real good beginner double surface glider to be manufactured. Lower weight, good handling with decreased stall speeds is finally achieved. Parts and repairs available through Northwing$700-$1300
Pulse1992-19969, 10, 11(in sq meters)Double surface. Very easy handling and better performing glider without the heavy bar pressures of the Mark IV. Parts and repairs available through Northwing$800-$1500

Year manufacturedSizeWeight rangeDescriptionCost
Freedom2007-150, 170, 190The FREEDOM is a curved tip, high aspect ratio Hang Glider, performance driven with 35% double surface. Designed for all pilots in mind, but especially the seasoned advanced pilot that wants a second wing on the vehicle that sets up quick, very easy to fly, comfortable in active air, feels like you can land almost anywhere - and performs substantially better than modern training hill gliders. Make sure you have solid landing skills for this glider$1500-Retail
EZY2001-170, 190Simple elegant design with 10 minute set-up time.$1500-Retail

Miscellaneous Earlier Generation Gliders
Year manufacturedSizeWeight rangeDescriptionCost
Raven1979 - 1981179, 209, 229Easy handling Single surface trainer Uncambered fiberglass battens Poor penetration Statically tail heavy
Lancer and Super1979-1981155, 170, 180, 190, 200 Single surface. Comparable to Raven without tail heaviness
Javelin1981-1983168, 208Single surface. Better performance than Lancer series
Dream1985-145, 165, 185,205, 220, 240Docile handling, easy landing, poor glide/penetration. The 145 was one of the few good trainers for light (under 120 lb) pilots
Skyhawk1984 - 1989168, 188Single surface. Low top end speed, but it will turn on a dime and is well-engineered. Heavy
Vision1983 - 1986160, 180, 200Double surface.Good landing characteristics. Poor penetration for double surface
Eclipse1986 - 1987170, 190Double surface. Next generation Vision
XTC205Single surface trainer series 205 size used as tandem glider

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